Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How Hard Is It To Get A Chase Credit Card

How else to build credit if you get disapproved for a credit card?
I lost my job for two months and my bills were bad, now i have a job all my bills are paid off. It's been two months that I've been bill free. The only bill I have is my cell phone now. I tried applying for chase freedom credit card, and they said I got denied. How else can I build my credit? Will I get denied from other credit card banks? And why did I get denied? If I paid everything off
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Did you ask why you were denied? Please do, it's easier than guessing.

My guess is that you may not have been in your job long enough or your income is a bit low. Don't keep applying for cards until you find out why you were denied. The more you apply, the more "hard" credit checks there are and the more your score gets hammered.

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how hard is it to get a chase credit card